Canadian Pacific Railway Heritage Park & Interpretive Centre

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Thanking everyone for helping us:

Our Committee would like to thank the generous support we have received from the following companies, organizations, and people:

Canadian Pacific Railway  =  the company has been very understanding and supportive of our efforts to repair & restore the station to show its heritage & viability.

The Portage la Prairie Mutual Insurance Company  =  a national insurance company based in Portage la Prairie, that also takes pride in efforts to preserve the heritage of the area where the company began in 1884.

Dr. William G. Hobbs  =  Dr. Hobbs is known as the "Master Painter Of Railways". He has supported our efforts by supplying paintings and prints for us to sell, with the proceeds being added to the station restoration funds.

Portage la Prairie Mall  =  the Portage Mall has graciously helped our committee by supplying space for our merchandise store during every Christmas season since 2003.

CFRY Radio Station  =  a local country music radio station that has put their support behind this community project several times, and continues to do so.

The Daily Graphic  =  the community newspaper that has shown support by featuring articles to help us inform others about what we plan to accomplish.

TrainsCan  =  for several years, the TrainsCan website was a railway industry information resource, with monthly news updates and references to many other sources. The author of the site, Timothy Green, is a professional engineer who continues to provide a wide variety of services to industries. He is originally from Portage la Prairie, and continues to provide valuable historical information, advice, and ideas for us.

We would also like to thank the business sponsors of our Heritage Park Newsletter.    World Wide Web
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