Canadian Pacific Railway Heritage Park & Interpretive Centre

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The Portage la Prairie CP Rail Station was built in 1893, and was still being used by the company's train and maintenance crews until it was damaged by fire on November 1, 2002. Shortly after, a few people began pondering the future of the station, as they recognized the building's historical significance to the community. A public invitation was extended to anyone interested in discussing the possibilities for the preservation of the station if CP Rail did not plan to repair and continue use of it.

After gathering as much public input as possible, a committee was formed to organize the task of approaching Canadian Pacific Railway to determine their intentions for the station, and express interest in preserving the building in its current location -- if the fire damage was not too severe. When all formalities after the fire investigation were completed, CP Rail officials arranged for a few committee members to assess the condition of the structure.

The committee feels that the historical value of the station is worth repairing the fire damage and restoring the building. A proper feasibility study has been completed, which outlines the funding and work required, as well as the proposed business plan and usage of the restored station.

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2022 Summer Open House:

Date:  Saturday, June 11th, 2022
Time:  10:00am to 3:00pm
Location:  Canadian Pacific Railway Heritage Park & Interpretive Centre, Portage la Prairie

The Portage Model Railroad Club will be hosting a "Summer Open House", with the station open to the public for viewing various model train displays, as well as some historic rail items and pictures.
Admission is $5.00 per person (kids under 12 are free and must be accompanied by an adult).

2022 Summer Open House

Current COVID-19 Regulations for Museums

At this time, there are no COVID-19 restrictions applicable to the Canadian Pacific Railway Heritage Park & Interpretive Centre.

However, please note that this could change at any time if new restriction mandates are introduced by Manitoba Health.

Portage Model Railroad Club

Looking for the Portage Model Railroad Club information page? You can find it here.

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